Bao Loc Silk – A place to preserve and develop the Vietnamese silk weaving village.

Bao Loc land of Lam Dong province has long been known as a land famous for mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing, silk nursery, and silk weaving. Silk fabric branded Bao Loc Silk is always shiny, soft, seductive, warm in winter and cool in summer. This premium fabric is not only loved in Vietnam but also exported to many countries around the world.

Through this article, May Silk would like to share with you useful information about:Bao Loc Silk – A place to preserve and develop the Vietnamese silk weaving village”. Through this, we believe that you will understand more about the Silk Capital of Vietnam as well as understand why we choose this fabric brand for most of our product lines.

About Bao Loc Silk

Bao Loc city has long been known as the capital of Vietnam’s silkworm industry. Bao Loc Silk fabric is made from 100% natural silk fibers, produced on modern technological lines of Japan and Korea. Silk fibers are mostly small curtain fibers, so when weaving the silk surface is even, soft, glossy, and spongy, users can clearly feel the smooth, smooth, airy and extremely luxurious look.

Products branded Bao Loc have long been favored by domestic and foreign customers, rich in designs, diverse in types, stable in quality. bảo lộc silk

The difference makes Bao Loc Silk brand

The difference of Bao Loc branded silk compared to silk in other craft villages lies in the affirmation of superior product quality, where the year-round cool climate is favorable conditions for strawberry farming. silkworm rearing. All stages from growing mulberry, raising silkworms, incubating silk, weaving silk are carried out in a closed manner in this land.

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Bao Loc Silk branded fabrics are made from 100% silk from the vast mulberry fields of Bao Loc, so the control of the input materials of the silk rulers ensures 100% silk. In addition, instead of traditional hand-woven weaving, many companies in Bao Loc today have applied modern machine-weaving technology according to Japanese and Korean standards, so they create beautiful and fashionable fabrics with high standards. international standard. Perhaps that is why more and more fashion brands have used Bao Loc Silk fabrics to create their fashion products. And May Silk is one such brand.

Currently, May Silk has signed a cooperation agreement with Bao Loc Silk, committed to providing its products such as silk scarves, silk masks, silk ties, etc., only made from Bao silk fabric. Loc.

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Above, we have introduced to you about Bao Loc Silk. The advantages of terrain, climate, and the acumen in applying advanced production technology to silk fabric production are the differences that help Bao Loc Silk brand grow as strong as it is today. Silk villages are gradually disappearing. It can be said that Bao Loc Silk – Deserves to be in the leading position, the place to preserve and develop the Vietnamese silk weaving village.

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