Bao Loc Silk – Silk Capital of Vietnam

Favorable natural conditions initiate the setting: Bao Loc is the silk capital of Vietnam. But it is production capacity and silk quality that are the two pillars to Bao Loc silk maintains its position as the silk center of the country.

Bao Loc Silk – Silk Capital of Vietnam

According to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam is currently in the top 5 in the world, just behind China, India, Uzbekistan, and Thailand in terms of silk production. While countries with a tradition of silk production such as China and Japan have continuously decreased in output due to industrialization, in Vietnam, the area and annual production of silk increases by about 8.8%. , concentrated mainly in the mountains and highlands.

In which, the mulberry growing area of Bao Loc city accounts for 10% of the national mulberry area, with a stable output, averaging about 5,000 tons/year. If China can only raise a maximum of 6 silkworm crops, Bao Loc can raise 18 litters per year.

Bao Loc city annually produces about 1,000 tons of silk, 3.5 million m2 of silk. Around 2012, textile companies still used 100% silk imported from China, by 2018 they used over 70% of Lam Dong silk (Bao Loc).

As recorded by the end of 2019, Bao Loc accounted for 80% of the total silk export volume of the country, with an annual export turnover of about 16-18 million USD.

The impressive figures can partly confirm the leading class of Bao Loc silk in terms of production capacity. But to get the recognition of both domestic and foreign markets, quality is the top factor.

Bao Loc Silk

While many silk regions produce silk mixed with synthetic fibers, Bao Loc specializes in producing pure silk and silk. Bao Loc silk fibers are mostly small webs, so when weaving, they will produce an even, soft, glossy, porous silk surface. Modern Japanese weaving, natural dyeing techniques without chemicals and skillful and experienced hands of industrious workers – have created the premium quality of Bao Loc silk: less wrinkled, shiny. Silky, soft, colorful, seductive, warm in winter and cool in summer.

From silk, weavers in Bao Loc have produced Satin silk used to sew Kimono – Japanese traditional clothing; Yozu silk used to make head scarves in Arab countries, India; Habutai silk fabric, CDC specializes in high-end suits; and materials applied in high technology, basic construction, interior decoration…

With the quality of pure, natural and high-quality silk, Bao Loc silk has surpassed the quality standards of many countries in the world (Korea, Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia…), including the markets of fastidious markets such as France, Italy, Japan and also imported products of silk powers such as India, Thailand…

In the country, Bao Loc Silk appeared in handicraft shops on major streets (in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang …), favored by both Vietnamese people who love sophistication, as well as foreign guests. in addition to respecting the quintessence of indigenous culture and traditions.

Bao Loc silk 5

With both national identity and high applicability, Bao Loc Silk is often an inspiration for domestic fashion collections.

Designer – Miss Ngoc Han once confessed, from the age of 16 strode on the catwalk, she was dressed in Bao Loc silk fabrics of leading designers in Vietnam: “At that time, As a model, as a consumer, Han feels extremely excited. Later, becoming a designer, I still love Bao Loc silk to use for my collections.”

Designer Van Khoa, a son of Lam Dong shared that: “Silk is a precious material, products made from silk always capture a great deal of love from designers and wearers. Silk material has always won the hearts of the high-end customer segment. And I really have a special love for Bao Loc silk because of its aesthetics and quality.”

Until the banyan tree in the Vietnamese fashion village, recognized and favored by the whole international fashion world – Designer Minh Hanh, also cherishes Bao Loc silk purse like a beautiful girl locked in a house. ancient, has now stepped out into the outside world with a gentle beauty but also full of confidence and bravery.

Active in the fashion world, witnessing world famous brands using Bao Loc silk, while Bao Loc silk – Vietnamese silk has not yet had a worthy position, has a brand name in the international arena. Designer Minh Hanh has made important contributions in promoting Bao Loc silk products to consumers and friends in five continents through costumes dedicated to the heads of state, or the The collection is performed at home and abroad.

Bao Loc Silk 2

Up to this point, Bao Loc Silkhas gradually proved the class of “Vietnamese Silk Capital”. But the way to carry out the responsibility of honoring Bao Loc silk – Vietnamese silk in the international arena is still full of difficulties and challenges. Individuals, collectives and agencies who have flown silk with Bao Loc silk are still constantly “draining their intestines and releasing silk”, so that the silk capital will shine the pride of Vietnamese silk in the not too distant future.

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