Does silk fabric wrinkle?

Recently, May Silk has received a lot of questions regarding wrinkled silk fabric? How to handle when silk is wrinkled? This is probably also the question of many people who love and are intending to use silk fabric as their fashion.
It can be affirmed that 100% silk will definitely wrinkle, only how to fix wrinkles on silk fabric, how to make the fabric always durable and high new. The following article would like to share the reasons why 100% silk is wrinkled as well as suggest you how to handle wrinkles on the fabric.
Bao Loc silk fabric woven with lotus flower pattern in nude color 1

1.Why is natural silk often easy to wrinkle?

Silk fabric, especially the silk line originating from Bao Loc 100% is woven from natural silk fibers, so they have a shiny, smooth shine like a beautiful girl who is difficult to pamper. Therefore, when washing or wearing, it is often easy to wrinkle due to the characteristics of the fabric.
Understanding this will help us when using natural silk to know how to preserve and cherish the product more, not just throwing it away when it’s wrinkled. We all know most natural fabrics wrinkle, and silk is one of them.
The reason that silk fabric is wrinkled is because the fabric is quite sensitive to sunlight or high temperature. But when worn on a person, that person works continuously, causing the fabric to be close to the skin of the person’s face, thereby generating heat, and the higher the heat, the more sun will be the thread.
One reason why natural silk fabrics tend to be wrinkled is because users don’t know how to take care of them, when ironing and preserving silk fabrics without using a dedicated iron or not lining up another sheet of fabric on top, let the iron continue to heat up. Direct contact with the fabric causes the fabric to be heated to high temperatures, from which the fabric will be sunken to form wrinkles.

2. How to handle when silk is wrinkled

Although natural silk is very wrinkled, it only takes a little to flatten. In addition, we can have other ways like:
How to handle when washing:
  • Priority dry cleaning
  • If hand washing, please rub gently
  • When drying, we should gently shake it without wringing, then dry it in the shade
How to deal with the product:
  • Use a special iron for silk
  • When ironing, spray a damp mist onto the fabric and then iron
  • The fabric can be used as a lining between the iron and the fabric to prevent overheating
Natural silk like other natural fabrics, will wrinkle when used, but because of the great advantages of 100% silk, silk is still the first choice of high fashion. And with the products of May Silk too, when you receive one of our products, you will find that the product is more or less wrinkled due to folds, but May Silk hopes that you will cherish even the wrinkles on the fabric because that’s natural silk
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