Hand-embroidered scarves on request – Unique gift with its own imprint

Custom hand embroidered towels are one of the most loved product lines of May Silk. Because the scarf is designed according to its own textures and colors at the request of the customer, that’s why it becomes unique, bearing the imprint of the giver.

Hand embroidered towels on request

At May Silk, we accept embroidery on demand, from choosing fabric colors according to customers’ preferences, consulting on choosing a design according to the customer’s own style, to drawing sketches to finishing stages. into products to bring the best quality and originality.

As time goes by, fashion styles have also changed, but traditional values are still preserved, many customers have come to us to order new clothes. Hand embroidered towels on request, from silk scarves, handkerchiefs to embroidered turban scarves according to customers’ requirements and preferences.

And we keep looking at those scarves, because it’s unique, it’s unique, sometimes we also want to keep those designs just to look at and remember the beautiful memories woven by the beautiful memories. golden hands, as well as beautiful memories with customers who have come to May Silk – In a way.

Hand-embroidered towels on request – A unique gift with its own imprint

If there is time to choose, May Silk still wishes to be able to meet more customers’ needs for this service, sometimes just embroidering names to remember, beautiful flowers, sometimes just embroidering the lines of memories, messages.

It’s hard to put into words, but we really appreciate these gifts, and if you have time to prepare a special commemorative gift, May Silk always understands and works with you. create vivid, unique and love-filled designs – those are the Embroidered handkerchiefs – Unique gifts, loving keepsakes.

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