Hand-embroidered silk scarf May Silk – Honoring the art of hand embroidery & Bao Loc Silk

Silk scarves are loved not only for their body-warming effect, but also because silk scarves are delicate accessories that create accents for outfits. Flying and light, silk scarves are attached to graceful ao dai, graceful evening dresses, adding a luxurious and aristocratic look to the wearer in luxurious parties, meetings with partners. , summit conference…

beige peach blossom hand embroidered silk scarf 1

Therefore, hand-embroidered silk scarves are the product line that May Silk pays great attention to, from coming up with ideas for the collection, drawing sketches of designs, to sewing and finishing products. Especially the selection of materials, colors and embroidery techniques.

Hand embroidered silk scarves with blue apricot flowers

Silk material in Vietnam is not difficult to find, but to ensure the criteria of pure natural silk, woven from pure silk, not mixed with other synthetic fibers, May Silk only chooses Bao Loc Silk, and choose only the fabric ruler in the middle of the perfect Bao Loc silk fabrics with no defects or scratches.

The color of silk scarves is neutral, easy to coordinate with most outfits, and enhances the beauty of delicate hand-embroidered motifs. The designs of May Silk not only promote aesthetics, but also hidden deep in them are ideas with profound life messages.

With hand-embroidered techniques by top artisans, each scarf is delicate, vivid and very poetic. Each delicate pattern is shaped by skillful and meticulous hands. The up and down needles convey so much enthusiasm and passion of traditional hand embroiderers. It usually takes two to three days to complete an embroidery pattern.

beige lotus hand embroidered silk scarf 1

The seriousness, rigor in all stages just to create the pictures Hand-embroidered silk scarf May SilkCollections of silk scarves are bold in fashion and full of messages of love for life, love of nature, love for silk weaving and traditional embroidery in Vietnam.

May Silk is extremely grateful for the sympathy that customers have for our collections. That is the motivation for us to strive every day, continuing to launch collections of hand-embroidered silk scarves with deep national traditions and high applicability in life, contributing to honoring and preserve traditional hand-embroidery villages and Vietnamese silk, bringing Vietnamese silk to reach further and affirm its position on the world silk map.


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