How to recognize real silk fabric

Silk fabric is a high-quality, premium material for high-end fashion, especially the top material for making ao dai. Because of that, this is also a fabric chosen by many women. However, to choose a quality silk fabric, 100% silk guaranteed, not mixed with other fabrics, not everyone knows. The following article would like to share about How to recognize real silk fabric:

Bao Loc silk fabric woven with pink lotus flower feather pattern

How is real silk – fake different?

The difference of Real silk – fake silk

With a history of thousands of years, silk is considered the “queen” of fabrics. This is a fabric with many great advantages, skin-friendly, soft and extremely luxurious. Silk is also considered a symbol of power and class. So much so that when used only once, people will remember forever and only want to use this fabric.

So how do you know how fake silk fabric is?

With increasingly advanced counterfeiting technology, it is difficult for you to accurately distinguish 100% silk fabrics. With increasingly advanced counterfeiting technology, it is difficult for you to accurately distinguish 100% silk fabrics.

1. Based on external appearance to identify

100% silk and blended silk have different luster in appearance. The luster of natural silk cannot be confused with man-made fabrics. All thanks to the triangular prism-shaped structure of silk fibers, which makes natural silk fabrics not only catch light well, but also make the fabric change color according to different levels of light. For example, when you are out in the sun, you may find the fabric color shines brighter than in the shade. Or you may see a difference in color indoors and outdoors, but with man-made synthetics, it may initially appear shimmering like real silk, but the color stays the same, and the shine remains. It’s not soft.

2. See how to weave to know handmade silk

This is considered one of the most useful ways to identify silk fabrics. 100% silk fabrics are usually woven by hand, or if machine weaving technology is applied, it still requires the influence of a skilled craftsman. So you may find the fabric has some minor imperfections such as weave errors, scratches or maybe tiny specks on the fabric. Silk blends are almost faultless.

3. Touch the silk to check

One of the very easy ways is to touch the silk to check. 100% silk will bring a soft feeling, when applied to the skin, it will feel cool without being cold. Moreover, if you pick it up a little, you can hear a small “scratch, crack” sound.

To be more sure, you should rub the silk with your fingers or hands. Real silk will gradually warm up when in contact with the skin, but blended silk will not.

4. Test real silk by heating

The most accurate way to identify real and fake silk is through the fire. Because when burned, 100% silk fabric often smells like burnt hair or ash.

When the fire is extinguished, the fabric immediately stops burning and turns into soot. Touching these soots immediately melts.If you burn the fabric and you don’t see any ash and you smell it like running plastic, it’s not real silk, but a fabric made from synthetic man-made fibers.

Above are some ways to identify real and fake silk that May Silk shares with customers. Hope this will be useful information to help you choose the right product. To buy the right 100% silk fabric with premium quality, please contact May Silk for advice.

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