Instructions for preserving silk fabrics are always beautiful

Silk fabric has always been considered a high-class material in fashion, it is also considered the top material for making traditional ao dai. With light, soft, shiny and extremely luxurious material, natural silk material is becoming more and more expensive, because to get a measure of natural silk, it has to go through dozens of stages. meticulousness and absolute precision.
Bao Loc silk fabric woven with blue lotus pattern

Instructions for preserving silk fabrics are always beautiful

Silk fabric is so beautiful, so expensive, so how to preserve it so that silk is always beautiful, is always something that customers are always interested in. Next article May Silk would like to share about how to preserve silk fabric to be durable with time.

Note when washing

Silk fabric is thin, light and does not stain much, so immediately after wearing it, you should wash it, it is best to dry clean it or wash it by hand, gently rub it. Do not wash silk fabrics with strong detergents, industrial soaps, wash with shower gel or natural soap.
And in particular, it is recommended to wash it separately instead of washing it with other clothes to avoid color fading (if any).

Note when drying clothes

Silk is very easy to be brittle, dry and hard if exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, cherish and dry silk in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight.
After washing, do not wring, just shake gently, or hang it directly on the hook, use clamps to fix it. Silk is thin so it will dry very quickly

Note when ironing products

The best time to do ironing is when it’s still slightly damp. Please use a special iron for silk fabrics and iron on the reverse side of the product

Notes when carrying out storage

If you don’t use them often, store them in a clean paper bag. Thus, silk will always be soft, free from dirt, ensuring the silk is kept the most carefully.
As can be seen, the preservation of silk fabric is not difficult, it is important that you be careful, choose to buy standard silk, the new durability is high.
Above is a guide on how to preserve silk fabrics to stay beautiful, for advice on buying high-quality silk fabrics, please contact May Silk for advice.
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