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Silk scarves are one of the traditional handicraft products of Vietnam, especially in Hanoi – a place with a long history of silk production. With soft, cool, luxurious and unique characteristics, silk scarves have become a favorite product of many domestic and foreign customers.

May Silk is proud to be one of the famous places to buy silk scarves in Hanoi over the years. The silk scarves provided by us use 100% Vietnamese silk, woven from Bao Loc, hand-embroidered or hand-painted entirely by hand, bringing a unique style to each product line. With hundreds of samples of silk scarves available at the store. May Silk is confident to bring the best satisfaction to customers. If you are looking to buy silk scarves in Hanoi, please visit our store to choose the most suitable silk scarf model for you.

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Why choose silk scarves?

Soft and comfortable: Silk scarves provide a high degree of softness, making them comfortable in contact with the skin. This helps users not feel uncomfortable, does not cause skin damage during use.

Good absorbency: Towels have high absorbency, help users always feel comfortable and dry, clean skin, help limit acne and dirt, help prevent skin aging and maintain moisture. This comes in handy during hot and humid seasons.

High aesthetics: Towels offer many colors with beautiful patterns, suitable for many different styles and preferences of users. Towel patterns often have traditional patterns that create sophistication and uniqueness, imbued with cultural and artistic values.

Creating economic and social value: Silk scarves are made entirely by traditional crafts, the use of silk scarves will help preserve and develop traditional crafts, creating economic and social values ​​for silk-producing localities.

The difference of silk scarves at May Silk.

High-quality materials: May Silk scarves use 100% Bao Loc Silk, especially the Rattan Silk fabric used is woven according to its own standards, does not fade, does not stretch during use

Exquisite hand-embroidered and hand-painted techniques: Silk scarves branded with May Silk use hand-embroidered techniques, hand-painted delicately, embroidery thread is silk thread, high-grade paint imported from France, non-fading when washing

Elegant and luxurious design: With elegant and luxurious design, May Silk’s silk scarves are loved by customers because of their simplicity, easy application with many different colors of costumes.

Diversity of designs and styles: With hundreds of models of high-class silk scarves, customers have many different choices, from long silk scarves to square silk scarves, hand-embroidered silk scarves or hand-embroidered silk scarves with many colors to suit many customers. .

With the above differences, May Silk is proud to be a famous place to buy silk scarves in Hanoi. If you have a need to buy, please contact our customer care department for the best advice and support.


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