May Silk and a predestined relationship with Bao Loc Silk

With the business philosophy of “Say no to all mixed silk materials at any rate and only use pure Vietnamese silk”, the May Silk team has traveled from North to South in search of raw materials. That journey ended with a predestined relationship with Bao Loc Silk – The only silk fabric that makes up the products of May Silk.

We passed and stopped at the traditional silk villages with hundreds of years old such as Van Phuc (Hanoi), Nha Xa (Ha Nam), Co Chat (Nam Dinh), Ma Chau (Quang Nam), Tan Chau (An Giang)… Everywhere there are beautiful silk rulers with distinctive features containing long-standing traditional values.

And when you arrive in Bao Loc, you can see the green mulberry gardens with one color, breathe in the fresh air, talk to the kind workers in the whisper of silkworms, step into the house. The silk weaving machine is bustling with the reels…we know we’ve had enough opportunity to find the place to start creating products. Pure natural silk, honoring and spreading aesthetic values, cultural and spiritual values imbued with Vietnamese identity.

Bao Loc Silk – Vietnamese Silk

While many silk regions produce silk mixed with synthetic fibers, Bao Loc specializes in producing pure silk and silk. Strawberry cocoons, silkworm cocoons leaves – with a cool climate, fresh natural elements, this highland is an ideal environment for developing mulberry farming and raising silkworms – producing delicious, fresh mulberry leaves. Beautiful silkworm cocoons with high and uniform yield. In addition, advanced machine weaving technology applied to production has increased color fastness and sophistication to each silk measure.

bao loc silk

The combination of local natural raw silk with the application of modern Japanese weaving and spinning technology has created the superior quality of Bao Loc Silk: Less wrinkles, smooth, soft, with diverse colors, highly applicable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

May Silk and a predestined relationship with Bao Loc Silk

Bao Loc’s closed process from growing mulberry, raising silkworms to spinning, spinning silk to weaving and dyeing silk, cleverly fits or matches the principle of good quality control of input silk materials, to create To produce high-class products, meeting the standards of May Silk to serve the domestic market and export to the international market.

Silk hand-embroidered hand-embroidered lotus flower in bronze color

Therefore, it can be said that Bao Loc Silk is the “predestined relationship” that we have been busy looking for. Bao Loc Silk is the only choice for May Silk’s products – has been, is and will continue to accompany May Silk in the journey to bring “Vietnamese Silk” closer to Vietnamese people and reach out to the Vietnamese people. out to the world.



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