May Silk and Gratitude to Traditional Hand Embroiders

Gold hands are not beautiful because of sparkling jewelry. Those hands are beautiful because of the calloused lines created by the industriousness and meticulousness and ingenuity of the craftsman, poured out by a passionate heart like a silkworm taking out its intestines and releasing silk for life.Hand-embroidered silk scarf with apricot flowers in bronze color 10
Hoa Lu ancient capital is now the cradle of traditional embroidery, where there are still artisans who are attached and devoted to preserving and developing the traditions of their homeland. In order to make a delicate hand-embroidered product, besides aesthetics, it is also very important to have fine art – that is, the embroidery technique must reach the “art” with strict criteria that only humans can use. understand in the profession. From stretching the frame to sketching, choosing the right thread, mixing colors on the motifs so that they are flexible and lively so that each product can speak, each product is full of love for the profession, with life. If you have the opportunity to visit Van Lam embroidery village, you will find that somewhere in the embroidery workshop, there are still very few rolls of thread left, not because they regret it, but because each work somewhere will need different colors. Such meticulous attention to detail is something to be appreciated.
Hand embroidered silk scarves with blue apricot flowers
Hand embroidery requires careful, meticulous, meticulous to every needle and thread, especially embroidery on silk requires extreme care. Because of the strict requirements for quality and aesthetics from May Silk, the artisans understand more than ever that what they have to do is put their heart into each product. Stretching the frame so that the silk fabric does not crack requires careful and gentle attention of the craftsman because the silk thread is very fragile. Choosing embroidery thread is also a stage that requires workers to choose a type of thread that is elegant, delicate, and does not fade over time to ensure the aesthetics of the work. Then to the embroidery stage, the needle used for embroidery is also to choose small needles, embroider small lines. It is not easy for the embroidered silk threads to be flexibly mixed on the Bao Loc Silk background, sometimes it takes a few days for an artisan to finish a May Silk silk scarf.
navy blue lotus hand embroidered silk scarf 5
As fashion increasingly applies modern materials and technologies, preserving the traditional embroidery craft village, preserving and preserving the national identity with embroidery, is like going against the tide of the times. . But May Silk still chooses this path.
The effort spent is purely handmade, is the perseverance and ingenuity of the artisans, so the valuation of a handmade product, if strictly speaking, is priceless with May Silk. And for May Silk – those golden hands are really a gift that life has given us, so that we can have delicate and emotional art products.
May Silk always keeps this Gratitude throughout its business journey, contributing to bringing Viet Silk to the international market.
Đánh Giá