May Silk – Prestigious Bao Loc Silk Store in Hanoi

Dubbed: “Vietnamese Silk Queen”. Bao Loc silk is more and more loved by domestic and foreign customers because of the splendid beauty of the fabric, creating luxurious and noble clothes for the wearer, exalting the elegant and classy beauty. That is why today there are many customers looking for Bao Loc silk shops. However, it is a fact that finding a reputable Bao Loc silk shop in Hanoi is not easy. Customers must find out the origin and origin of the store, find out the difference of this fabric line compared to other fabric lines on the market to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods. If you do not know the prestigious Bao Loc silk shop in Hanoi, come to May Silk. We are committed to selling 100% genuine Bao Loc silk. At our store, there is a full line of Bao Loc silk fabrics, which will surely meet the maximum needs of customers.

Why should you use natural silk?

Good for health: According to research, silk has significant effects on health, especially the health of women during menopause. aScience has proven that sleeping in light, air-circulating pajamas such as those made from silk has a slight drape, is friendly to human skin thanks to the silk fiber structure from natural proteins. Helps to cool down, reduce the phenomenon of heat in the body to improve health.

Good for skin and hair: Natural silk will provide moisture to the skin and hair to help you have a deep, comfortable and pleasant sleep. Especially when you wake up from sleep, your face will become more moist than sleeping on other fabrics. Moreover, sleeping with silk will help keep your hair soft, moisturized and tangle-free.

Good for sensitive skin: Using silk fabrics will help reduce allergies, prevent dust accumulation, and protect the wearer from everyday allergens. Improves sleep: With its iridescence and softness, with the same effect of regulating body temperature and controlling humidity even in rapidly changing climates, this makes you feel comfortable all the time. and easily fall asleep.

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May Silk – Prestigious Bao Loc Silk Store in Hanoi

With the benefits of silk bring, we believe that customers will choose to make their own clothes, especially the first choice to make ao dai. If you need a reputable Bao Loc silk shop address in Hanoi. Let’s go to the silk shop May Silk – Silk of the Vietnamese people.

Born in 2017, when silk gradually disappeared when a brand was boycotted, Vietnamese people’s belief in silk also gradually disappeared, in the meantime, May Silk was born with the desire to revive silk. Vietnamese silk in the country, when it comes to Vietnamese silk, it must be clean silk – must be 100% silk – without any fibers mixed. Over a period of time, neither long nor short, we have received the love of our customers with products made from 100% original silk and are proud to be the prestigious Bao Loc Silk Store in Hanoi. chosen by many customers.

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