MOC YEN hand-painted silk scarf collection – Moc is Yen and Yen is Moc

The fast-paced life with non-stop fires always makes people busy, rushing after work, ambitions and goals in life. In the midst of that flow, May Silk believes that all of us want to return to our own egos, return to Tam An Lac, return to a simple, peaceful and quiet place, a place called HOME. . Housing in HEART.
high end silk hand painted white peach blossom scarf 8585
There are many hand-drawn collections that have been sent by the artists of May Silk with their feelings, aspirations and dreams through brushstrokes.
silk hand-painted silk scarf white apricot 8585
And the MOC YEN hand-painted silk scarf collection is one of them. With the message: MOC is YEN and YEN is also MOC, we believe that the true beauty lies in the simplicity and minimalism, the most delicate gift is the simplest and most rustic gift. Because just by looking at the painted petals, minimizing the colors, we feel like we are returning to the most peaceful place – our MIND.
silk scarf hand painted white lotus flower 8585 1
With this Collection, MOC hand-painted silk scarves, we believe that this will be a priceless gift for relatives, partners, colleagues or simply a gift for yourself.
Through the Collection, May Silk wishes all customers to always be SAFE, always be PEACEFUL, and hopes that the “MOC YEN” silk scarves will represent the customers to the recipients.
May Silk on a sunny day
Đánh Giá