Silk hand-embroidered puppy face scarf

The hand-embroidered, puppy-shaped silk face scarf is very loved by children, this is an exclusive design designed by the young artist of May Silk, will definitely be the most meaningful and meaningful birthday gift for you. child.

  • Material: 100% high quality natural silk yarn
  • Handmade weaving in Bao Loc – Lam Dong – The capital of silk in Vietnam
  • Color: Original color from silk thread, no dye used
  • Advantages: Soft, very absorbent, antibacterial, non-viscous, odorless, non-infectious, non-ruffled, daily skin care. Silk rattan towels are reused to make multi-purpose wipes and then reused to biodegrade to supplement protein for plants.
  • Pattern: Hand embroidered by skilled artisans
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm thick, two layers, extremely durable to use.