Vietnamese silk – Convergence of Vietnamese cultural quintessence

Vietnamese silk is like a flow, through many historical changes, containing in itself the soul of the earth, human love, and Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese silk is a natural, unadulterated silk, imbued with the taste of the land, water, air, and soil of Vietnam on each green mulberry field, where silkworms graze early and late at night.

“One silkworm cocoon is equal to three cocoons, one cocoon is equal to nine silken cocoons”, how many silks are woven onto a silk sheet?

grow mulberries and raise silkworms


How much, cannot be counted, because caring for silkworms is like “caring for children”, the silkworm raising people incubating silk have put in each silkworm cocoon, each silk cocoon, so much hard work, so much patience and meticulousness. attentive attention. Mulberry leaves for silkworms must be dry, clean, not waterlogged, young leaves must be finely chopped like pipe tobacco when the silkworms are young, and must continue to continue to use banh mi leaves when the silkworms are free. Silkworms like to be clean, the ground floor must be cleaned regularly, but the breed eats a lot and also produces a lot. Silkworms have natural enemies, which are flies, so when silkworms molt, they have to cover the door. Too hot, too cold or having an unclean smell can cause silkworms to turn around and stop eating.

When silkworms come of age, they need to prepare to clean up, gently pick up silkworms from the swarm, let silkworms make cocoons. After having silkworm cocoons, it is time to the stage of silkworm incubation, put the cocoons in a pot of hot water, all hands find the original termites, weave the silk, roll the silk and then spin the silk, weave the silk, and dye it. From grandparents, parents to children in the family, each person has one hand and one leg to work together. The village is bustling with the sound of spinning silk, islanding cocoons, weaving silk…

spin thread 4

Therefore, a piece of silk is molded in with the virtues of industriousness, tolerance, patience, meticulous attention of the Vietnamese people, imbued with Vietnamese family culture, Vietnamese village culture. And the cultivation of mulberries, raising silkworms, and weaving silk have also entered the lives of Vietnamese people through folk songs:

“We are like silkworms

Eat the same leaf, lie down together”

“Moon morning spreads two rows

With him reading a book, with her spinning a thread.”

“Who! remember this word

Silkworms raise three generations, the field plow three years

Thank God for the peace of mind

Plant good rice, raise fresh silkworms

Losing even in Heaven

Don’t see the waves and leave your hand.”

Not only associated with the livelihood, with the sentiment of the Vietnamese people, silk is also a symbol of national pride. The kings of the Ly Tran dynasty attached great importance to the development of silkworm mourning, to develop the economy, and also to affirm to the Northern court that: Our southern country is capable of producing its own silk – with high quality products. The quality and sophistication are not inferior to that of the Northern dynasty. You don’t have to depend on or obey them to have silk and silk to use.

Vietnamese silk – Convergence of Vietnamese cultural quintessence

Silk is a premium fabric

Vietnamese silk lives with the history of the country, experiencing many ups and downs, sometimes bustling with glory on the Silk Road, sometimes broken silk in war. But just like the resilient Vietnamese people, the silk line, though thin, is still strong to this day.
Along with the development of the country, catching up with the global technology era, Vietnamese silk has also turned to a new page. When machines were applied to production, growing mulberries, raising silkworms, nursing silk, and weaving silk became less difficult than before. With the combination of traditional experience and modern technology, Vietnamese silk and Vietnamese silk have also transformed in both output and quality, with more diverse applications, not only serving the fashion apparel industry, but also entering the industry. both the field of furniture, high technology…
Vietnam has a recognized position in the international community. Vietnamese silk, Vietnamese silk together with the revival of the “Silk Capital” Bao Loc are also reaching out to the world market, embracing the quintessence of Vietnamese culture spreading everywhere.
Đánh Giá