What is silk fabric?

Silk fabric is considered the “Queen” of fabrics. This is also considered a high-class, high-class fabric, a symbol of power and class. So what is silk fabric? How they originated, what properties and advantages do they call queens in a few lines.
Let’s also learn more about the most advanced fabric line in Vietnam today, about the origin, properties, outstanding advantages as well as application of this fabric line.
Bao Loc silk fabric bright yellow color

So what is silk fabric?

Silk fabric is a fabric woven from silk threads released by silkworms. Silk fiber is actually a protein fiber, with the softest, smoothest nature of all natural fibers. To have soft and shiny silk fabric, it has to go through dozens of stages that require meticulousness and absolute precision. That said, silk is a crystallized product of heaven and earth, imbued with a lot of human effort. And for that reason, silk is known as the “Queen” of fabrics.

Origin of Silk

According to folklore, silk originated in China more than 3000 years ago (BC). And with the development of fashion, silk developed beyond the Chinese border, then expanded to other countries in the world, including Vietnam.
It was introduced to Vietnam under the reign of King Hung Vuong VI and initiated by Princess My Nuong Thieu Hoa.

Characteristics of silk fabric

The texture of the silk thread is polygonal, when the light hits it at different angles, it will give different colors
The surface of the fabric is smooth, touch it for a while and the surface will get warmer
Light, airy and quick-drying fabric
The fabric line is very easily damaged if exposed to direct sunlight at high temperatures when the fabric is wet.
Silk fabric has poor thermal conductivity, so the fabric is often used when the weather is hot or cold.
Silk fabrics also have the property of reducing bonding by up to 20% if exposed to water for a long time such as washing clothes in water. Therefore, with silk fabrics, priority should be given to dry cleaning.
Possesses good durability, not high elasticity
Skin-friendly and soft

Advantages and disadvantages of silk fabrics

Silk fabric is a high-class, premium material in fashion because of its outstanding advantages such as:
The surface of the fabric is smooth, light, and has a soft drape, so it is especially suitable for women’s clothing
Breathable, light, poor heat absorption, cool in summer and warm in winter
The fabric has antibacterial properties, so it doesn’t cause odors, clean clothes smell better than other fabrics
The fabric can be sewn a variety of costumes such as skirts, shirts, long dresses, jackets ..
Skin-friendly, even the delicate skin of children
Besides the above advantages, silk fabrics also have disadvantages such as:
Wrinkles easily
Needs to be handled with care and care when in use

How many types of silk weaving are there?

Silk is a fabric from silk fibers. Silk silk also has many weaves. Mainly based on the density of silk yarn and weaving makes the difference for each fabric. Among them, the most popular are silk styles widely applied in fashion such as: Habutai Silk, Satin Silk, Jacquard Silk, Twill, Twist.
Above, Silk rattan has introduced to readers about the origin, characteristics and advantages of the No. 1 premium silk fabric in Vietnam. Thereby, readers must have understood what silk fabric is?
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