Natural dyed silk scarves of May Silk are woven exclusively from 100% Bao Loc silk fibers, with Japanese anti-stretch and anti-stretch weaving technology, high silk density.

Natural dyed silk scarf May Silk – Precious pearls from Mother Earth

Cherished the value bestowed by Mother Nature, May Silk’s natural dyed silk scarves are a symphony of Heaven and Earth when completely hand-dyed from Vietnamese grasses, trees, flowers and leaves. .
Respecting the traditional values ​​in Vietnamese culture, May Silk’s naturally dyed silk scarves are hand-embroidered and hand-painted by leading artisans and watercolor artists.

Natural dyed silk scarves May Silk – Gifts with bold Vietnamese imprints

With delicate design, harmonious colors with the sound of Nature, Natural-colored Silk Scarves bring a new breath to Vietnamese Silk, contributing to the development of Sustainable Fashion, Time Green page – For a better Vietnam.