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Hand-embroidered hand-embroidered towels in natural color of May Silk are made from high-quality fabrics of Bao Loc Silk – woven from 100% original high-grade silk fibers, with Japanese anti-stretch and anti-stretch weaving technology. Towels are hand-embroidered by top artisans.

Hand-embroidered hand-embroidered towel in natural color May Silk – Gift from Mother Earth

A precious treasure bestowed by Mother Nature, May Silk natural dyed silk scarves products are a symphony of Heaven and Earth when completely hand-dyed from Vietnamese grasses, trees, flowers and leaves.

Silk scarves dyed with natural colors May Silk – Luxury foreign gifts with Vietnamese imprints

Respecting the traditional values ​​of Vietnamese culture, May Silk’s silk scarves are delicately hand-embroidered by Vietnamese hand-embroiderers, high-quality embroidery thread does not fade over time, the color of the thread will not fade. carefully selected to ensure the sophistication as well as the depth of the texture.
With delicate design, harmonious colors with the sound of Nature, Natural-colored Silk Scarves bring a new breath to Vietnamese Silk, contributing to the development of Sustainable Fashion, Time Green page – For a better Vietnam.