Silk scarf embroidered with natural dyed apricot flowers in cream color – Premium partner gift


Natural dyed hand-embroidered silk scarves are made from the exclusive woven fabric line of May Silk, using 100% high-grade Bao Loc silk, high yarn density, no shrinkage, no stretch during use. Natural dyed silk fabrics of May Silk are pure, harmonious and vivid colors of nature, contributing to environmental protection, saying no to synthetic dyes, only using hand-cooked dyes. Crafted from plants and flowers, combined with manual dyeing techniques performed by experienced colorists, ensures evenness and colorfastness according to international standards.
Material: 100% Bao Loc silk fabric, woven exclusively with patterns of May Silk according to high standards, meticulously natural dyeing thousands of hours of labor to create unique fabrics, only available at May Silk.
Technique: Hand-embroidered by top artisans.
Size: 36cm x 180cm. The scarf is sewn in two layers to hide the wrong side of the embroidery thread, hand-embroidered with high-quality silk thread that does not fade over time.
Price includes: Towel, box, bag and card holder. Design copyright belongs to May Silk – A registered trademark for intellectual property protection worldwide. The copyright of silk fabrics with exclusive motifs belongs to May Silk, which has been granted a protection title