Bao Loc silk fabric – The place is considered the Capital of Silk in Vietnam – Is the most premium silk fabric in Vietnam. With soft, shiny and luxurious material, cool in summer, warm in winter, Bao Loc silk fabric is the first choice for sewing Ao Dai, as gifts for partners, diplomatic gifts, and Banks, post and telecommunications corporations, large corporations use to make Ao Dai uniforms for employees.

Bao Loc silk fabric – The pinnacle of traditional Ao Dai material

Bao Loc silk dates back to the 60s of the last century. Up to now, Bao Loc has been recognized as the capital of Vietnam’s silk industry. Bao Loc silk is always an expensive product because of its pure nature and miraculous effects on health. Bao Loc silk fabric of May Silk is made from 100% silk yarn, produced on equipment according to modern technology of Japan and Korea. Silk fibers are mostly small curtains, so when weaving the silk surface is even, soft, glossy, and porous, users can clearly feel the smooth, smooth, airy, and non-charged appearance.
With the mission of serving to bring Vietnamese Silk to the world, May Silk is committed to using only Bao Loc Silk, saying no to mixed silk products, contributing to preserving, preserving and developing the silk weaving industry of Vietnam.