Introduction of May Silk

Thousands of years ago, Vietnamese Silk was considered one of the oldest cultural identities. Silk is widely spread throughout the regions from the fertile plains to the hills and mountains of the highlands of Vietnam, forming traditional craft villages with a thickness of up to several hundred years old. Over time, silk has become the “premium” fabric of Vietnam, carrying a deep national meaning.
Along with the development of the fashion industry, Vietnamese silk is gradually disappearing and gradually being replaced by fabrics with high applicability in life, from which the old craft villages are gradually lost. .
With the mission of serving for the development of Vietnamese Silk, Silk Silkcreates Fashion products from 100% silk Bao Loc – The capital of silk in Vietnam – Is the most luxurious silk fabric today. Like the silkworm “Intestines and releases silk”, each product of Mây Silk crystallizes the love of Mother Earth, by the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen, by the wholehearted creativity of the design team. Silk fashion Mây Silk honors Vietnamese Silk, honors the craft value of the country’s thousands of years of traditional craft villages.
Years have passed, Mây Silk is still hard at work on the path of service, bringing Vietnamese Silk to Vietnamese people and reaching out to the region and the world. Consistent with the core value: Silk of the Vietnamese, Mây Silk has received the love of domestic and foreign customers, proud to be one of the Vietnamese Silk brands bearing the imprint and spirit of the Vietnamese people.
Mây Silk strives to become the leading silk fashion brand in Vietnam and reach out to the region and the world.
Always keeping the mission of serving, devoting all efforts to the new incarnation of Vietnamese silk, preserving and promoting the nation’s silk weaving profession.
Traditional: Mây Silk Fashion honors traditional values
Creativity: Like a silkworm that “unwinds and releases silk”, each May product represents the boundless creativity of the Founder, design team and leading artisans in Vietnam.
Prestige: Mây Silk keeps the PRESTIGE with customers, keeps the PRESTIGE with its partners and employees. If it is confirmed to be Silk, it must be 100% silk. Already the Silk provided by May Silk is 100% Bao Loc Silk – The capital of silk in Vietnam.