Beige peach blossom embroidered silk scarf


Beige Peach Blossom Embroidered Silk Scarf is a line of high-class silk scarves sewn with two layers, hand-embroidered by skilled artisans, with Bao Loc Silk – the capital of silk in Vietnam, extremely soft, shiny, luxurious, honor the beauty of power and class. Worthy is the perfect choice to make a partner gift, diplomatic gift, foreigner gift, mother gift, boss gift.

Material: 100% premium Bao Loc Silk with outstanding advantages compared to other silk lines: Soft, shiny, smooth, mellow, good for skin, when sewing Ao Dai exudes a luxurious look importance, power for the wearer. Material is tested 100% silk from Vietnam Textile and Garment Institute.

Dimensions: 27cm x 175cm (The scarf is sewn in two layers and hides the reverse side of the target line)

Technique: Hand-embroidered by top Vietnamese artisans

For detailed product advice, please call: 0968422786.