High-class Ao Dai uniform – Bao Loc silk fabric with rose pattern green color like the green of pandan leaves


The monochromatic, soft and luxurious Bao Loc silk fabrics enhance the Asian beauty of Vietnamese women, bringing elegance, power, and affirming the wearer’s class. Is the first choice for sewing Ao Dai, Ao Dai uniform. In particular, this is a unique choice to make gifts for partners, diplomatic gifts, gifts for foreigners…

Material: 100% natural silk yarn from Bao Loc land with outstanding advantages compared to other silk lines: Soft, shiny, smooth, mellow, good for skin, when sewing Ao Dai exudes a luxurious look importance, power for the wearer.

Fabric size: 1m12.Commitment: 100% Bao Loc Silk, inspected by Vietnam Textile and Garment Institute

Application:As a line of high-quality materials for sewing Ao Dai, Ao Dai uniforms, silk scarves, silk blankets…

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