Silk scarves painted with yellow lotus flowers and blue – Exquisite gifts


Hand-painted silk scarf May Silk is the perfect combination of modern hand-painted art on the background of high-class Bao Loc Silk – Vietnam’s premium silk fabric.

Each scarf is Originated from Mother Earth, saved for a lifetime of silkworms, is the love of the profession of leading artists expressed in delicate, soaring, poetic hand-drawn strokes.

Painted silk scarves Yellow and blue lotus flowerswith the philosophical meaning – noble life, is a cultural symbol in the Vietnamese mind and a symbol of peace and happiness, a symbol of the rise of a strong will to live like the Vietnamese people. Gray is a neutral color, highly applicable in fashion and very easy to combine with any outfit color.. This is definitely the perfect choice for partner gifts, female boss gifts, diplomatic gifts…

Material:100% high quality Bao Loc Silk, tested by Vietnam Textile and Garment Institute.

May Silk accepts designs according to your own requirements.

Paint color: High quality paint imported from Italy – France. Washing does not fade.

Dimensions: 55cm x 175cm

Technique: Hand-painted unique by leading artists in Vietnam.

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