Silk scarf embroidered with blue peach blossom


Blue Peach Blossom Embroidered Silk Scarf is a line of high-class silk scarves that are hand-embroidered by skilled artisans, made from premium Bao Loc SilkMaterial. With shiny, soft and luxurious materials, delicate hand embroidery techniques, the scarf is considered a love song of Spring – A meaningful gift symbolizing faith and hope, suitable as a gift for people. relatives, gifts for partners, gifts for foreigners…

Material: 100% Bao Loc Silk, tested by Vietnam Textile Institute

Size:27cm x 175cm, the scarf is sewn in two layers, so it can hide the reverse side of the hand embroidered thread.

Technique: Exquisitely hand-embroidered by top Vietnamese artisans

Application:Towels are delicate accessories that honor a woman’s beauty when mixed with ao dai and dresses

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