Silk scarf embroidered with purple chrysanthemums


Silk scarf embroidered with purple chrysanthemums is a line of high-class silk scarves that are hand-embroidered by skilled artisans, made from Material Premium Bao Loc silk. With the gentle purple color, along with the chrysanthemum motif selected by the artisans, the embroidery thread has been meticulously and carefully selected, giving the scarf a distinct and unique color. Bao Loc silk material is shiny, soft and luxurious, delicate hand embroidery technique, the scarf is considered the love song of Autumn – A meaningful gift symbolizing silence and peace, suitable for dish gifts for relatives, gifts for partners, gifts for foreigners, high-class business gifts…

Material: 100% Bao Loc Silk, tested by Vietnam Textile Institute

Size:27cm x 175cm, the scarf is sewn in two layers, so it can hide the reverse side of the hand embroidered thread.

Technique: Exquisitely hand-embroidered by top Vietnamese artisans

Application:Towels are delicate accessories that honor a woman’s beauty when mixed with ao dai and dresses

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