Silk scarf embroidered with purple lotus


Silk scarves embroidered with purple lotus– Vietnam’s national flower are delicately hand-embroideredby leading Vietnamese artisans, made from 100% premium Bao Loc Silk – Vietnam’s premium silk fabric. The scarf is one of the designs with a deep ethnic imprint and is also the best seller of the YEN Collection. With the gentle purple color, along with the lotus flower motif selected by the artisans, the embroidery thread has been meticulously and carefully selected, giving the scarf a distinct and unique color. With the meaning of peace and happiness, towels are chosen by large corporations and ministries as gifts for partners, diplomatic gifts, customer gratitude gifts or gifts for foreigners…

Material:100% high quality Bao Loc silk

Size:27cm x 165cm, the scarf is sewn in two delicate layers, so it can hide the wrong side of the embroidery thread

Technique:Exquisitely hand-embroidered by top Vietnamese artisans

Application:Silk scarves embroidered with lotus flowers are delicate fashion accessories, honoring the elegance and class for users. This is also the perfect choice when mixing with long dresses, skirts…

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