Life is light and dark colors, and everyone’s life is different colors, different perspectives on life. Cùng giống như sắc màu, mỗi gam màu đều có vẻ đẹp riêng, bản sắc riêng, khác biệt và duy nhất.
silk scarf painted watermark color 5
With a positive message and energy that wants to spread to the community, the Trial with May Silk Campaign and COLORS Collection, unique hand-painted silk scarves with vibrant colors are just like the life of a woman. Each of them is unique and has been experienced by the muses of AIA Exchange and left memorable impressions.
silk scarf painted watermark 1
Our youth – Our happiness, every moment, every minute is extremely precious, let’s live brilliantly with every second you have.
silk scarf painted watermark colors
May Silk’s Team would like to thank the extremely valuable experiences of the AIA muses, hope that we will continue to accompany each other in the next campaigns.
“The best color in the world is the one that seduce you” – COCO CHANEL.
Đánh Giá