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Ao Dai is one of the traditional costumes of the Vietnamese nation, besides other costumes such as ao dai, ao ba ba, etc. Westernization from the five-body robe to establish a leader. The shirt was invented by Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat to create the five-body shirt, which is the forerunner of today’s ao dai.

The shirt was invented by Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat to create the five-body shirt, which is the forerunner of today’s ao dai. It can be said that today, “Ao Dai” has many different styles and designs. Let’s take a look at our collection of 15 most luxurious Ao Dai silk fabrics.

Learn about what is ao dai?

Before coming to the collection of high-quality silk fabrics, let’s learn a little bit about what an Ao Dai is? what is the structure of the Ao Dai? and why should you use silk fabric for sewing “Ao Dai”.

As introduced, the Ao Dai is one of the traditional costumes of the Vietnamese nation. The shirt is designed in the modern style of the West from the five-body shirt. The Ao Dai line first appeared in 1744 under Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat.

Along with the change of time and the development of fashion, the Vietnamese Ao Dai also has its own changes. In 1934, the Ao Dai was called a modern dress or Lemur Ao Dai and gradually became widely used in society. By 1945, the Ao Dai was almost not used in the North. However, in 1958, the Ao Dai was loved by many people with the name Tran Le Xuan Ao Dai. In 1960, ao dai appeared with the design of Ao Dai with Raglan sleeves. In 2007, there was a line of raglan Ao Dai, lace, open neck, ankle length, and missed sleeves.

Up to now, Vietnamese Ao Dai has more variety in different designs, as well as has marked its name in the world fashion industry. Ao Dai has also gradually become more popular from school to office, from festivals to other events, from urban to rural areas, from adults to children, anyone can wear Ao Dai, and consider it as typical Vietnamese culture.

Recently, Ao Dai has also been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, which needs to be preserved and further developed in the future. That is why each of us should know how to cherish and cherish the beautiful traditional ao dai of our nation.

Referring to the material for making ao dai, it is also very diverse with many different fabrics, from chiffon fabric, lace fabric, brocade fabric, … to velvet fabric, brocade fabric. Each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most commonly sewn Ao Dai is from the silk fabric line, which is a high-class and outstanding product line that is loved and chosen by many people.

Why is silk fabric most popular?

– As mentioned above, at present, silk fabric is the most popular line in making high-class ao dai. The reason the fabric line is so popular is because the fabric has outstanding advantages that other fabrics do not have.

– The material that makes up the fabric line is made entirely from nature, so it is very environmentally friendly.

The fabric line has a very special structure that creates a smooth, strong fabric, smooth and gentle surface. Along with that is the ability to keep natural colors very well. The fabric has a pearl luster, so it enhances its luxurious beauty.

– The fabric line is very cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The elasticity is relatively dark, so it is extremely cool, and not afraid of fabric wrinkles.

With the above advantages, it can be said that silk fabric is the number 1 priority fabric for those of you who want to own a beautiful standard ao dai. Let’s admire the collection of silk fabrics for ao dai made from Bao Loc silk to see the difference compared to other fabrics.

Collection of 15 beautiful high-class Ao Dai silk fabrics

With 100% Silk material Bao Loc – The capital of silk in Vietnam, with a variety of colors and types, from monochrome silk fabrics, textured silk fabrics to hand-embroidered silk fabrics, May Silk appreciates introduce to you a collection of 15 most luxurious and most selected Ao Dai silk fabrics at May Silk.

  • High-grade silk fabric for Ao Dai, bright yellow color

  • High-quality silk fabric for Ao Dai woven with lotus-pink feather motifs

  • High-grade silk fabric for Ao Dai woven with yellow fan leaf pattern

  • Silk fabric for Ao Dai woven with pink lotus flower motifs

  • Silk fabric for long dress with purple orchid pattern

  • Silk fabric for sewing ao dai with red circle pattern

  • Silk fabric for Ao Dai woven with mallard rose pattern

  • Silk fabric for making cream satin long dress

  • Silk fabric for sewing Ao Dai with luxurious blue rose motifs

  • Silk fabric for sewing Ao Dai with yellow lotus flower pattern

  • Silk fabric for Ao Dai with turquoise rose motifs

  • Silk fabric for Ao Dai woven with apricot yellow orchid pattern

  • Silk fabric for Ao Dai with orange rose pattern

  • Silk fabric for Ao Dai in purple and pink color

  • Silk fabric for a pink beige satin dress

Notes when buying beautiful Ao Dai fabric

Although silk fabric is the most popular choice for sewing ao dai, not everyone has the conditions to buy or has different preferences and chooses a different fabric. But you need to remember that each type of fabric will have different properties, it will determine the appearance of the Ao Dai, so you need to have experience to choose the right material for you.

If you want to own a long, light and airy dress, the sleeves are not stiff, you should choose chiffon or chiffon fabric. If you want an ao dai that shows maturity, maturity, and nobility, you can choose velvet or silk fabrics. As for the Ao Dai to show freshness with a youthful style, you should choose the Organza fabric line.

Note in choosing colors to sew Ao Dai

Besides the material, the color is also very important in choosing the fabric to make Ao Dai. You should choose a fabric line that has the color of the shirt with the color of your skin supporting each other to create the perfect beauty. Therefore, if you have a slightly darker skin tone, choose light yellow or ivory. If you have white skin, you can choose red, blue or yellow to help you stand out more.

Choosing the color of the fabric, you also need to pay attention to the texture of the fabric to choose accordingly. If you are a person of ideal height, you should choose fabrics that have a large pattern like that, which will enhance your figure. Otherwise, choose fabrics with small patterns or plain fabrics will be more suitable.

Notes in choosing fabric size to sew Ao Dai

To avoid wasting fabric sewing ao dai, you also need to pay attention to choosing the appropriate fabric size. Depending on the style and size of the Ao Dai, you need to calculate how much to buy to complete, avoid buying too little or too much fabric, which will cause waste.

Usually on the market today, there are 2 types of fabric to choose from, which are 1.6m and 1m. If you choose to buy a fabric size of 1.6m, the size of the fabric will be 2.2m. And if you choose to buy 1m fabric, the fabric size will be 3m. You should also pay attention to this issue in choosing to buy silk fabric for your Ao Dai.

How to distinguish silk from Vietnam

Vietnam is not the only country that produces silk to make ao dai, but besides that, there are many other countries, such as China, India, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Thailand. So what is the way to distinguish silk fabrics of Vietnam?

In essence, Vietnamese silk has different characteristics, made from 100% natural silk, so it has quite similar characteristics to human hair. When burned, there will be a burning smell, forming lumps of coal. When using your hands to gently rub, the burned coal will melt very quickly and will not be glued like other fabrics.

To distinguish, you can gently pull a fabric and then burn them to check and identify the fabric is real silk fabric or not.

Another outstanding feature of Vietnamese silk fabrics is that they do not shrink or stretch. If it is a high-class silk line, the quality is very good because it is woven by hand completely, has high tightness, the surface is not scratched, stretched even when using fingertips to rub it. Use this method to distinguish if the fabric is real or not if you are looking to buy Vietnamese branded silk fabric.

Is it easy to maintain ao dai made from silk?

Silk is a high-class fabric with its solemn and noble beauty. However, this is also a fabric that requires care and pampering in use and preservation. Because this fabric line is very sensitive to light and temperature. When wearing on the body and exercising a lot, the fabric rubbing against the skin will generate heat, causing the fabric to shrink, causing wrinkles, similarly when you use an iron or dry it in the sun, you will also see this phenomenon.

Therefore, in the preservation of Ao Dai made from silk, you also pay close attention to this issue. After wearing the exam, you should wash it immediately, and wash it by hand, not machine wash, use cold water to wash, do not wash in warm or hot water, do not use soap or strong detergents, do not wash vigorously. hands rub too much.

When you’re done washing, you should also pay attention not to wring it too hard, without having to wring it, just hang the ao dai on the hook, fix the ao dai so that the fabric is straightest, proceed to dry in a cool place, avoid sunlight. direct sunlight shines on. Silk fabric is quite thin and light so it will dry very quickly.

Conclusion for high-class Ao Dai silk fabric

Above, May Silk has sent you a history of the development of ao dai, why silk fabric is popular to make ao dai, especially to introduce to you a collection of 15 silk fabric samples. The most advanced length of May Silk. This is a collection that we selected based on the tastes of the majority of customers who have used the products provided by May Silk. The article hopes to have provided useful information so that you can choose for yourself the most suitable silk fabric to make your own Ao Dai.

In addition to providing high-quality silk fabrics for ao dai, May Silk also provides additional product lines made from silk such as silk scarves, silk masks, silk ties … to meet the needs of customers. best customer needs. May Silk is very pleased to welcome and serve you.

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