Top 1 address selling high-class silk scarves in Hanoi

Soft, shiny silk fabrics have long been used to make many beautiful fashion products. These can be mentioned as silk shirts, silk dresses, silk ties, silk masks, or most recently, silk dresses.

Among the products made from silk, it is impossible not to mention the high-class silk scarves, which are extremely loved by girls, especially middle-aged women. Because silk scarves are not only an accessory to adorn the outfit but also help to increase the nobility, attractiveness and fashion. The embroidered motifs on the scarf are extremely delicate and elegant colors create a special attraction.

High quality silk scarves in Hanoi

Also because of the charming beauty of high-class silk scarves, today we can easily find many shops displaying and selling silk scarves products. However, to find a reputable place to sell high-end silk scarves in Hanoi is the concern of many women when they want to buy genuine silk scarves to wear or give as gifts.

But now, their concern about the address of selling high-class silk scarves in Hanoi will no longer be. Because there is a silk shop May Silk – A place specializing in providing high-class silk scarves with material made from 100% Bao Loc silk.

Some of the best selling silk scarves at May Silk

Here are some high-quality hand-embroidered and hand-painted silk scarves at May Silk that are loved and chosen by many customers. navy blue embroidered apricot silk scarf 24 purple lotus embroidered silk scarf 18 beige lavender embroidered silk scarf 4 silk scarf painted with faithful color watermark 15 silk scarf

Why should you choose to buy silk scarves at May Silk?

May Silk has long been known as a prestigious and familiar place to sell high-class silk scarves to many customers in Hanoi. Here are some reasons why you should choose to buy silk scarves at our store.

  • Rich products: May Silk is always proud to be one of the major suppliers of silk scarves in Hanoi with hundreds of silk scarves products with different designs, designs and colors. From vibrant, colorful silk scarves for young ladies to elegantly colored and textured silk scarves for middle-aged ladies, to deep colored scarves with flowers. Simple details like a classic ink painting to enhance the elegance of the ladies.
  • 100% Bao Loc silk commitment: All silk scarves in particular and other product lines provided by May Silk are made from 100% Bao Loc silk fabric So you can rest assured about the quality and origin.
  • Sophisticated design: With the mission of serving for the development of Vietnamese Silk, each product provided by May Silk is the crystallization of “Mother Earth’s” love, the perfect combination of high-class silk fabrics and the skillful hands of the most skilled craftsmen. Skilled craftsmen, the wholehearted creativity of the design team. Therefore, it can be affirmed that each of our silk scarves is a delicate design to honor the handicraft value of a traditional village with thousands of years of history.
  • Highly aesthetic consulting team: Coming to May Silk, you will be able to experience first-hand the high-quality Bao Loc silk to feel the fabric. Besides, you also have a team of highly aesthetic consultants to support you with enthusiastic and thoughtful advice so that you can choose the silk scarves that are most suitable for you. If you need to test the fabric, we are also happy to let you test it.
  • Attractive pricing policy: May Silk is not merely a shop selling high-class silk scarves in Hanoi, but May Silk’s mission is to serve the development of Vietnamese Silk, bringing Vietnamese silk closer to Vietnamese consumers. . In addition, we also have extremely attractive order policies, free shipping policy for customers.

The address for selling high-class silk scarves in Hanoi of May Silk

As introduced, May Silk is confident to be a prestigious and high quality silk scarf sales address in Hanoi trusted by many partners and customers. We always have a team of experts and consultants who are experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable about silk ready to support and advise you when there is a need for silk scarves.

May Silk orients the development of high-class silk scarves by combining hand-embroidered and hand-painted techniques exclusively on the basis of thousands of years of history Vietnamese Silk. In addition to the available designs, May Silk also makes according to exclusive orders from customers, the difference of May Silk lies in the design, most of the designs of May Silk are in the style of minimalism and luxury. The colors and textures are very delicate, so it is easy to mix with other costumes such as: Ao dai, party dresses, ties, vest

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