Prestigious address buy Bao Loc Silk in Hanoi

Bao Loc silk is known as the “Silk Queen” of Vietnam with luxurious, soft, noble and durable silk. This is also the most popular silk line on the market today and is considered the Capital of Vietnamese silk.
Bao Loc silk has outstanding advantages over other product lines such as lightness, durability, heat insulation, natural shiny color, high hygroscopicity, good heat resistance, never causing skin irritation. When worn, it especially gives the wearer a feeling of coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.
With outstanding advantages, and the most famous level, today there are many people looking to buy Bao Loc silk to sew their own costumes. As used to sew scarves, ties, skirts, more than make ao dai.
If you are looking to buy Bao Loc silk in Hanoi, please go to May Silk store – One of the reputable silk fabric suppliers on the market today. At May Silk, we have a full range of Bao Loc branded fabrics for you to choose from.

Bao Loc silk lines at May Silk

buy Bao loc silk fabric in Hanoi

Currently, Bao Loc Silk offers many different types of products on the market to meet the needs of customers. May Silk – With the mission of serving for the development of Vietnamese Silk has contracted with Bao Loc Silk manufacturer, distributing Bao Loc’s product lines in the market. Currently, at May Silk’s store, there are all kinds of Bao Loc silk such as:
  • Satin silk and printed satin fabrics are suitable for clothing, dresses, pajamas, scarves, home decor and handmade items.
  • Crepe de chine fabric (C.D.C) is a line of soft, slightly rough, sand-embossed and light-gloss silk products. Used for the design of ao dai, blouse, shirt, … mainly.
  • Jacquard fabric is the name of silk with the technology of weaving patterns and textures on the fabric, soft, with many rich patterns to help customers choose easily. In addition to ao dai, this fabric can be used to sew blouses and dresses.
  • Habutai fabric is a warp silk product line knit with the weft threads in an up 1 down 1 way. The characteristic to identify this fabric is that the two sides of the fabric are the same, thin and light, soft and have a light opaque color. This fabric is often used as lining fabric in European clothes, vests, wallets.
  • Organza (hard chiffon) fabric has the same weave structure as Taffeta but is stiffer, thinner and thinner that can be seen through. They are often used in the design of wedding dresses, fashion dresses.
  • Taffetas fabric is the name for the silk product line with twisted weave structure (Twisted Woven). There are two types of yarn dyeing (harder suitable for evening dresses) and piece dyeing, which is fabric dyeing (softer for lining) with a different shine, so it is popular. This fabric has the feature of dyeing the yarn before weaving. The nature of this fabric has a certain shine and hardness, so it is suitable for making vests, jackets, wallets and ties.
  • There is also a twist fabric, also known as “Silk 2 skin”, which is a silk fabric product line with 70% natural silk and 30% viscose fiber. Possessing a very beautiful luster, every time there is light shining on the silk fibers, it will reflect a beautiful mixed color. Silk 02 leather is soft, has low wrinkle luster and high durability.

Prestigious address buy Bao Loc Silk in Hanoi

buy Bao Loc silk in Hanoi 2

As introduced, May Silk is confident to be one of the prestigious addresses selling Bao Loc silk in Hanoi in particular and across the country in general. Coming to May Silk, you will be free to choose genuine Bao Loc branded products.
In addition to providing silk fabrics, we also provide traditional ao dai, luxury silk scarf, trendy silk tie patternsample mask silk Hand-embroidered, unique hand-painted, and many more products with extremely delicate designs will surely satisfy customers.
May Silk is very pleased to welcome and serve you. You love Vietnamese silk and want to buy yourself the finest silk at the best price on the market. Through this, May Silk would also like to express our sincere thanks to all customers who have been trusting and using the products we provide.
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