Bao Loc Silk and the Journey to Conquer Vietnamese Silk Lovers

Bao Loc silk is a famous silk fabric line from many centuries ago, known as the “Silk Queen” of Vietnam. To get this title, Bao Loc silk has gone through ups and downs. To help readers understand more about Bao Loc silk brand and the differences of this premium silk line, May Silk would like to share: “Bao Loc Silk and Journey to conquer Vietnamese Silk Lovers”. The article hopes to provide useful information for customers, to help you better understand the journey to the World of the Vietnamese Silk Queen brand.
Bao Loc silk, the journey to conquer Vietnamese consumers

About Bao Loc Silk

Currently, nationwide, there are 6 famous silk weaving and incubation villages: Van Phuc Silk, Duy Xuyen Silk, Ma Chau Silk, Nha Xa Silk, and Tan Chau Silk, but silk-weaving silk. industrial scale only in Bao Loc – Lam Dong.
The land of Bao Loc has long been famous as the silk capital of Vietnam because the silk material here has created soft, charming, warm but equally luxurious and noble costumes. The values are completely different from the silk rulers in other craft villages.
Lam Dong is the province with the largest mulberry growing area in the country with 8,500 hectares, there are about 15,000 households growing mulberries and raising silkworms, the output of silkworm cocoons is nearly 11,000 tons/year, silk production is over 1,500 tons. The whole province currently has about 40 silk-weaving and silk-weaving establishments, with more than 100 automatic silk-incubation rows with modern production lines and high capacity, Bao Loc silk quality is currently ranked first in the country, along with the brightest. The creation and diligence of people and businesses have created the famous Bao Loc silk product brand at home and abroad.
Bao Loc silk products have cool, soft, smooth fabrics, rich and diverse designs. Bao Loc silk products are trusted by domestic and foreign customers such as: silk fabrics, silk scarves, silk ties, … especially silk fabrics for Ao dai, precious and luxurious colors. gender and impression.
Bao Loc silk, the journey to conquer Vietnamese consumers

Bao Loc Silk – International standard quality

Currently, in Bao Loc, there are about 150 establishments that buy silkworm cocoons, most of them are intermediate units, not directly incubating silk but selling cocoons to silk incubators and silk weaving establishments. Along with that, there are currently about 32 silk nurseries (average processing capacity is about 1 ton of cocoons/facility/day), including 3 Chinese enterprises and about 10 silk weaving establishments, of which There are 2 bases in Japan.
Bao Loc’s silk production technology has been invested very methodically, modern production lines, high capacity with over 100 automatic silk nursery rows, Bao Loc silk quality has been improved, including 80 % of high-grade silk production and 20% of handmade silk; Silk incubator machinery and equipment basically meet the quality requirements of domestic and export markets.
Bao Loc silk production industry annually helps about 2,000 workers in the province have jobs. Silk export output in 2019 reached 1,110 tons, export turnover was about 59.4 million USD (Agricultural products ranked second after coffee industry). Currently, Tea and Silk Week is one of the main events of Dalat Flower Festival.
Over the years, Bao Loc silk is gradually conquering and is in the leading position, occupying the highest market share in the country, leaving a deep impression on Vietnamese consumers – that is not the case. It is not only a transformation but also an arduous journey of traditional Vietnamese silk weaving.
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