Hand-embroidered handkerchief – A gift of love that encapsulates memories

Hand-embroidered scented handkerchief is one of the fashion accessories that have existed since time immemorial and is an inseparable object of many people. In the gift culture of the past, hand-embroidered scarves were considered as one of the special gifts to send love to the recipient. Because the hand-embroidered handkerchief has a compact shape, it is easy to carry, share with us when we miss people, when we are sad and even when we are happy.

Today, despite the development of society, there are countless modern gifts, the beautiful little handkerchief is still considered the choice of many people as a rustic, sincere keepsake, full of memories.

Also because many people love handkerchiefs, especially handkerchiefs made from Silk Fabric, large corporations, companies and customers have chosen silk embroidered handkerchiefs as gifts for partners and gifts. for foreign guests, diplomatic gifts, boss gifts…

To better understand why silk hand-embroidered scarves are so loved and chosen as gifts by so many people, let’s find out!

Hand-embroidered handkerchief – A gift containing a lot of love

Throughout the country’s history, there have been many wars of aggression spanning centuries. At that time, the boys had to go to war without a date to return, and at home, the girls, mothers, and wives were always waiting for their sons, husbands, and loved ones to return. That’s why girls, mothers, and wives have put their love in the scarf as a keepsake of love and closeness. So that when you miss your lover, miss your mother, and miss your family, take it out and look at it. Handkerchiefs are a priceless gift that contains a lot of love

The hand-embroidered scarf is also a gift containing sharing. Handkerchiefs are given with the desire to share the jewels, share all happiness or sorrow. Is the message of the giver who wants to say that he will always be by his side, taking care of the recipient of the gift. The handkerchief also shows respect and thoughtfulness in emotional relationships.

In companies and businesses, handkerchiefs are also used as gifts for employees, customers and partners. Because employees are the flesh and blood of companies and businesses. A partner is someone who helps a business grow. Customers are the source of energy and motivation to nurture the company’s growth. Giving towels to employees, customers and partners shows sympathy, sharing sadness and joy, showing companionship to the recipient.

In the recipient culture, handkerchiefs are considered a cultural feature. Most men and women in Japan use handkerchiefs, in which men are very popular. Someone once said: “Men in Japan all have at least 3 handkerchiefs, 1 to wipe hands, 1 to wipe mouth, 1 to wipe tears for someone crying”.

In formal ceremonies such as weddings, European aristocrats use handkerchiefs to meet beautiful people attached to the mouth of the outer pocket as a decorative accessory.

With these great and good meanings, handkerchiefs in general and silk handkerchiefs in particular are indeed one of the items you should own for yourself. If you have a need to learn more about the line of hand-embroidered silk scarves, come to May Silk for the best support and advice.

May Silk – Luxurious hand-embroidered scarf

At May Silk, we create beautiful hand-embroidered scarves made from 100% Bao Loc silk. High-class, hand-embroidered by skilled artisans, with motifs such as: Successful boat, lotus flower motifs, peace bodhi leaves, as a word of love, as a gratitude, as a word Message to the recipient: A handkerchief of memory – of a beautiful youth, an unforgettable, inseparable time.

navy blue lotus embroidered handkerchief 1 handkerchief embroidered with linden leaves 1

The biggest difference in May Silk’s Hand-Embroidered Towel Collection lies in the design, the minimalist motif designs, meticulous hand-embroidered, carefully selected embroidery thread to create a small but full-fledged scarf. noble message and deeply humane meaning.

With the desire to bring Vietnamese Silk closer to Vietnamese people, May Silk is increasingly trying to create products that are highly applicable in daily life, in addition to hand-embroidered towels, we also have many products. other like: Hand embroidered silk scarf hand-painted silk scarves, square silk scarves, long silk scarves, silk ties, silk fabrics…. We invite you to visit and order.


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