Hand-embroidered silk scarves, hand-embroidered “Ao Dai” May Silk – Preserving and promoting the nation’s traditional craft

Proud to be one of the Vietnamese Silk brands bearing the imprint and spirit of Vietnamese people, May Silk’s Fashion products have been loved and received by customers, one of the strongest and different product lines of May Silk – It is a hand-embroidered silk line.

With the mission of Serving, May Silk wishes to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s traditional embroidery craft. Our hand-embroidered products are not only fashionable but also hide the beauty of the national culture, the rustic and simple beauty and the sincere and warm feelings of the Vietnamese people…
We would like to send you an introductory video about Hand Embroidery Techniques applied on the products of Hand-embroidered Silk Scarves and Hand-Embroidered “Ao Dai” products of May Silk. Hopefully, through this video, we can appreciate more and more the products that are refined in every needle, products that are imprinted with the Vietnamese spirit and imprint.
Đánh Giá