Watermarked silk scarf May Silk – A unique combination of East and West cultures

Silk scarves with watermarking May Silk are a unique combination between the art of watermarking and silk with thousands of years of history. That combination creates works imbued with tradition. The art of watermarking is hand-drawing on water to create very vivid pictures, thereby creating colorful scarves with slicks, subtle patches of light and dark, creating delicate patterns. The scarf is light and elegant, suitable for mixing with vests, shirts, party dresses or streetwear.

Silk scarves with watermarked watermark May Silk are one-of-a-kind works, no two towels are the same, delicate and delicate hand-drawn strokes are made by artists who love their craft, are the first choice of gifts for many companies. companies, large corporations in Vietnam as gifts for partners, diplomatic gifts, event gifts…

Đánh Giá