Collection of hand painted watermarked silk scarves COLORS


? Life is always a patch of light and dark, if there is light, there will be dark. Just like a person’s life, there are happy times and sad times. Life is a series of passing days with countless colors that the universe has bestowed.

? Inspired by the colors of life, COLORS Collection is the perfect combination of modern watermarking art on high quality Bao Loc Silk.

? With this Collection, May wants to send love and prayers to all of us women – half of the world, let’s live a colorful life, a life full of pride and peace.

? Live like colorful flowers, in every moment, in every moment. And believe that every color has its own beauty, every person is unique, and YOU are the ONLY COLOR that shines among the many colors of life.

? We invite you to experience the WATER-Sealed Silk Towel Collection: COLOR – LIFE COLORS, COLORS I LOVE!!! #khăn_lụa_tơ_tằm #khăn_lụa_cao_cấp #khăn_lụa_vẽ_tay_thủy_ấn #Mây_Silk

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