LA VIE EN ROSE watermark silk scarf collection

The collection of LAVIE EN ROSE watermarked silk scarves is a unique combination between Western art of watermarking and Vietnamese silk with thousands of years of history.

The perfect combination between the two cultures of East and West has created scarves with bold Vietnamese imprints but modern style, which are the perfect item when mixed with party dresses, street walks or going to the beach.
The art of watermarking is hand-drawing on water to form extremely vivid pictures, thereby creating colorful scarves with subtle splashes and patches of light and dark..Towels Watermarked hand-painted silk requires high ingenuity and meticulousness of the artist, and at the same time requires the artist to be highly creative, to be able to adjust the speed of drawing as well as to adjust the stroke by the paint on the face. Water is always moving.
Silk scarves with watermarked watermark May Silk are one-of-a-kind works, no two towels are the same, delicate and delicate hand-drawn strokes are made by artists who love their craft, are the first choice of gifts for many companies. companies, large corporations in Vietnam as gifts for partners, diplomatic gifts, event gifts…
Silk scarves hand-painted watermarked May Silk – Love Songs of Colors.
Đánh Giá