May Silk – Silk Shop bearing the imprint and spirit of Vietnamese people

Born in 2018 with the love of Silk and the desire to make a small contribution to help bring Vietnamese Silk closer to Vietnamese people and reach out to the world, through a journey filled with love, May Silk has launched into the market many fashion product lines applying the art of hand embroidery and hand-drawing on Vietnamese Silk backgroud with history of thousands of years.

The works of May Silk are not only Fashion but also contain the sentiments of Vietnamese people, containing the culture of a resilient nation. Proud to be one of the Silk brands, May Silk is consistent with the path of using only Vietnamese Silk, fabric from 100% silk yarn in Bao Loc – the capital of Vietnam’s Silk. May Silk is also proud to be the leading Pure Viet Silk Brand chosen by many banks, large corporations and embassies as gifts for partners, politicians, and foreign guests.. ..
Vietnamese silk
Coming to the shopping space of May Silk, you will feel the love of Silk, feel the elegance and nobility of each product but still simple because it contains so much sweat and effort. of Vietnamese people associated with Vietnamese silk weaving. At May Silk, you can find high-quality 100% silk fabrics, hand-embroidered silk scarves embroidered by top artisans, hand-painted silk scarves created by artists. love craft or silk dresses, silk dresses are created by our design team.
Invite you to visit May Silk at an extremely warm and luxurious space, close and rustic, we believe that with all our love for Vietnamese Silk, with Vietnamese traditional embroidery, our products I certainly have and will touch the hearts of Vietnamese Silk Lovers.
Yours sincerely and dearly invite you to visit May Silk at:
Shophouse Mộc Lan 6(ML6) – 15B, Khu đô thị Vinhomes Greenbay, Mễ Trì, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội
Đánh Giá