Top 15 best selling high quality silk scarves in Vietnam

Towels are considered as one of the indispensable fashion accessories in modern women’s wardrobe, dubbed as a gentle accessory but with a special charm of women. That is why today there are many types of towels with different designs, designs, and materials to best meet the needs of customers.

Among the towels available on the market, the silk scarf line is considered the most popular luxury line in Vietnam, because it is not only the design but also the soft, warm material in the winter. and cool in the summer that only 100% silk can have.

Let’s take a look at the Top 15 models of high-class silk scarves selling in Vietnam with May Silk. These are silk scarf patterns by natural silk fibers through the hands of artisans to create wonderful silk scarf works.

Top 15 best selling high quality silk scarves in Vietnam

  • Limited edition Lotus hand embroidered silk scarf Navy color

High quality hand embroidered lotus flower silk scarf navy color 22 1

  • Limited edition peony embroidered silk scarf Red color

high quality hand embroidered peony silk scarf Red color 22 3

  • Limited edition Lotus flower hand-embroidered silk scarf Nude color

Limited edition Lotus flower hand-embroidered silk scarf Nude color

  • Limited edition Apricot blossom hand embroidered silk scarf Navy color

navy blue hand-embroidered silk scarf 22 3

  • Limited edition Lotus flower hand embroidered silk scarf Red color

High-class silk scarf hand-embroidered red lotus 22 1

  • Premium silk scarf hand-painted beige swan flower

  • Premium silk scarf hand-painted white lotus

  • Silk scarf embroidered with apricot flowers in bronze color

  • Beige lavender embroidered silk scarf – Exquisite gift

  • Watermarked silk scarf – The color of peace

Silk scarf painted with water seal color of peace 15

  • Silk scarf hand-painted watermark pink wave – Premium gift

High quality silk scarf hand painted watermark pink wave

  • Navy blue lotus embroidery silk scarf limited edition – Classy gift

navy blue lotus hand embroidered silk scarf 7

  • Silk scarves embroidered with purple lotus flowers – Classy gifts

  • Square silk scarf hand-painted white peach blossom – Classy gift

silk scarf hand-painted peach blossom 8585 white color

  • Square silk scarf painted with white pink lotus – Classy gift

  • Silk scarves painted with yellow and blue lotus flowers – Exquisite gifts

  • Beige embroidered apricot silk scarf

Beige hand embroidered silk scarf 4 1

  • Navy lotus embroidered silk scarf

navy blue lotus embroidered silk scarf 1

  • Silk scarves embroidered with blue lotus flowers

  • Beige lotus embroidered silk scarf

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Famous silk scarf brands in Vietnam

Talking about silk scarves in the Vietnamese market, there are many different types. But famous and widely known to everyone, there are 4 types, which are Van Phuc Ha Dong silk scarf, Bao Loc silk scarf, Thai Tuan silk scarf and Nha Xa silk scarf.

  • Bao Loc silk scarf

Referring to Bao Loc silk scarf is referring to the silk capital of Vietnam. Although this brand only appeared in the 60s of the last century, thanks to the Bao Loc silk brand, the Vietnamese silk road once again revived and developed as it is today.

The highlight of the Bao Loc branded silk scarf is that it is light, durable, good insulation, natural shiny color. Wearing this silk scarf is like bringing a friend who understands our temperature, always giving us the most comfortable feeling.

The towel line has high moisture absorption, so it can absorb sweat very well, helping the wearer always feel the most comfortable. The towel line also brings antibacterial, safe to use, especially for sensitive skin. The high durability, softness, and luster of Bao Loc silk scarves will help you exude a noble and noble beauty. In particular, Bao Loc Silk has applied machine weaving technology according to Japanese and Korean standards, so the surface of the silk fabric is even, smooth and especially does not fade when washing. Bao Loc is also the largest mulberry growing area in the country, meeting the needs of exporting and supplying silk to other regions across the country, so the entire production process is closed to ensure high quality standards. class.

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  • Van Phuc silk scarf – Ha Dong

Van Phuc silk scarf or many people still call it with the familiar name Ha Dong silk scarf. It can be said that this is one of the oldest silk brands in Vietnam, it is said that the Van Phuc silk line has existed for more than 1000 years, up to now, the Van Phuc silk brand has developed widely not only in Vietnam South, but also reaching out to the world, becoming one of the typical representatives of Vietnam’s silk fabrics.

Van Phuc silk scarves have a distinct attractive beauty because the towels are made very elaborately from fabrics woven from natural silk fibers. So the towel is shiny, smooth, shiny. When wearing Ha Dong silk scarf in the summer, you will feel cool, in the cold winter, the towel will warm the body.

  • Thai Tuan silk scarf

Thai Tuan Silk has been one of the leading silk brands in Vietnam for many years. Brand under Thai Tuan Group Joint Stock Company. The company specializes in the production of Jacquard fabrics, monochrome fabrics, multicolor fabrics, … made from many different fibers such as polyester, spandex, visco fibers and woven by advanced production technology from Japan and Europe. Europe.

Besides developing “Ao Dai” fabrics, ready-made high-end ao dai lines, and home fashion, Thai Tuan also pays great attention to developing product lines related to silk scarves.

Although Thai Tuan silk scarves are not high-class silk fabrics made from natural silk fibers. But with modern production technology, high-quality fabrics that meet ISO 9000 and 5S standards, and a variety of designs. Thai Tuan silk scarf has been winning the trust of domestic and foreign users.

  • Nha Xa silk scarf

Referring to Vietnamese silk scarves brands without mentioning Nha Xa silk scarves would be a big omission. The scarf line has been developing strongly in the Vietnamese silk scarf market. The product line is woven and dyed by hand in the famous traditional silk weaving village of Nha Xa – Duy Tien – Ha Nam.

The most outstanding feature of Nha Xa silk scarves is the fragrance from natural fabrics with elegant colors, creating a feeling of calm and relief like waking up in the middle of a green forest with the air clean, creating a feeling of relaxation, tolerance. Besides, with the light and soft characteristics of 100% natural silk, the towel is cool in summer and warm in winter.

What are the special features of silk scarves?

Currently, silk scarves are being used by many customers. So what makes this scarf so special?

  • 100% natural material

Referring to silk is referring to materials 100% from natural silk fibers. Because it is made from nature, it is very safe for human health. Moreover, it has good moisture absorption, so it brings coolness to the wearer on hot summer days. Hay mang đến sự ấm áp trong những ngày đông lạnh giá.

Another special feature in the material of silk scarves is that the silk fibers woven into the fabric are thin, thin but very durable. It is such small silk threads that make the scarf so soft, thin, and shiny. Shiny softness makes women comfortable to wear and easy to mix with other outfits to create their own charm.

  • Various designs

Nowadays you can easily find silk scarves in the market. And you may have noticed that on the market today there are many different designs and models. Each unit offers its own style collections, allowing women to choose their favorite products.

Only the May Silk brand alone has hundreds of different silk scarves, such as peach blossom silk scarves, apricot flowers, lotus flowers, lavender flowers, bodhi silk scarves, etc.

  • Good price

In addition to 100% natural silk material, diverse designs, the special feature of silk scarves that many women choose is the affordable price. In fairness, the price of silk scarves made from high-grade silk compared to other silk scarves is not much different.

Normally, the price of silk scarves made from Bao Loc’s silk ranges from 500,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND with many different price ranges for customers to choose from. In particular, the square silk scarf line will be cheaper than the long silk scarf line.

The application of silk scarves

With its own special features, silk scarves promise to be a fashion accessory that brings elegance and momentum to girls. Besides, silk scarves also bring many other applications, please refer to the applications below to know more about silk scarves.

  • Keep body warm

As has been said a lot, silk scarves are very good body warmers because towels have poor heat retention properties. The product line is perfectly suitable for Vietnam’s cold winters. The scarf has a moderate drape to create iridescence and luxury, bringing a unique highlight to the wearer.

  • Good for health

Scarves are made from silk fabric, especially Bao Loc’s silk is a type of towel woven from protein fibers with 10 different amino acids, so it has good moisture absorption, helps regulate body temperature, so wear a scarf. The neck in the summer will feel comfortable that any other line of towels does not have.

Moreover, 100% natural silk fiber also has the ability to improve sleep, has anti-inflammatory properties and destroys harmful viruses to help protect skin healthy. Therefore, silk is not only used to make scarves, but can also be used to make beautiful bedding, ties, masks, etc.

  • Very easy to coordinate

Another application that cannot be ignored of silk scarves is the ability to easily mix clothes, also known as mix clothes. You can mix and match random outfits with hundreds of different transformations and still look pretty, lovely, and create your own personality. This is reflected in the different ways of wearing silk scarves for each set of clothes, for each age group and for each hobby.

How many ways are there to wear a silk scarf?

Currently, according to our research, there are 19 different ways of wearing silk scarves for each different type of scarf. Below are just a few of the most common types of knots to introduce to you.

  1. How to wear a silk scarf with a bow tie: It is a fairly common style when you use an elastic band to tie one corner of the scarf and then use the scarf around your neck and put it in the opposite corner of the scarf and tie the elastic band, then align it according to your preference, can be straight or tilted. 1 inside.
  2. How to wear a neck scarf: You proceed to use the square corner of the towel and then fold it several times until the scarf becomes a long strip and proceed to wrap the scarf around the back of the neck and create a simple knot in the middle and pull the 2 flaps of the scarf with your hands to make it evenly spread on both sides. is gorgeous.
  3. Cách quàng khăn kiểu turban xoăn: This is a popular style today, you proceed to fold the 2 square corners of the scarf so that the midpoint of the 2 diagonals has a square shape, fold the towel in half into a trapezoid and wrap the towel over your head and diagonally to the side. in front so that the tail of the scarf is not exposed at the nape of the neck.
  4. How to tie a scarf in a double-layered bow tie style: This is a new but beautiful style of knotting, you proceed to wrap the scarf into a small piece and wrap it around your neck, using the two ends of the scarf to pull it so that it is balanced and knotted for the two ends of the scarf. each other is okay.
  5. How to wear a twisted grass loop: You proceed to put the scarf around your neck and then tie it once in the front and pull the 2 flaps up through a few, tie them together at the back of the neck.
  6. How to wear a cowboy scarf: As a way to wear a scarf inspired by western cowboys, this way is simply that you use the triangular nose of the scarf to bring it to the front of your neck and then wrap the 2 ends of the scarf to the back and back to the front, tie a knot. them or put the excess tail of the towel inside.
  7. How to wear a sailor scarf: Fold the scarf in half into a triangle and wrap it around your neck to cover your shoulders and tie a knot, finally aligning it beautifully with your preferences.
  8. How to wear a V-style: You proceed to fold the scarf in half into a triangle and wrap them around the neck to show the V-side in the front, and proceed to loop the 2 scarves to the front and tie them in the middle.
  9. How to wear a scarf for a party: At this point, your scarf will turn into a party shirt by using a large square towel and a metal hook, fold the scarf into a triangle and place the towel in the middle of the chest, then pull the two ends of the towel over the back and pull. One end of the scarf is on the shoulder, the rest of the scarf is below the arm and around the front of the chest, and finally, the button is turned off through the metal hook.
  10. In addition to the above-mentioned ways of wearing silk scarves, there are countless other ways to wear silk scarves, which can be mentioned such as How to wear a tie-style scarf, bareback camisole style, French style, braid style, cowl style, style. loose knot, bandana style, loose style, belt style.

Prestigious address selling high-class silk scarves in Hanoi

If you are looking for a reputable address selling high-class silk scarves in Hanoi, May Silk is the address you should not miss. This is a pioneer in the field of providing fashion products made from high-quality silk fabrics from Bao Loc SILK.

With the mission of serving for the development of Vietnamese Silk, May Silk has created fashion products with its own style. Just like the silkworm “Drawn the intestines and released the silk”. Each piece branded May Silk is the crystallization of love for Mother Earth, by the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen, created by a long-time design team in the profession. Fashion branded May Silk promises to honor the Vietnamese silk line, honor the craft value of the country’s thousands of years old traditional craft villages.

Silk scarves in particular and other product lines such as silk masks, silk ties, hand-embroidered silk scents all bring sophistication, elegance and infinity. Definitely will be a valueless gift for officials and employees, gifts for partners, diplomatic gifts, gifts for foreigners.

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